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AVMs affect less than one

percent of the population but

hundreds of thousands of

people around the world.

These documentaries are some

of the first to give voice to 

those affected by the defect

through allowing survivors

to speak for ourselves.







Ryan's Story

Short film

Ryan's Story takes viewers inside a day in the life

of a 14 -year-old boy struggling with one of the

rarest vascular anomalies in the world,

Arteriovenous Malformation, as he faces

self-esteem issues in middle school and reflects

on surviving an aneurysm, hemorrhaging and

over 40 facial procedures.

*Festivals Include: Indie Night Film Festival

(Chinese Theater in Hollywood),

Long Beach Indie International Film Festival (nominated for Best Documentary Short),

Culture Unplugged Film Festival, and Love Your Shorts Film Festival.

More Than Skin Deep

Full-length feature


A passionate, determined 24-year-old filmmaker with one of the rarest but most destructive vascular anomalies in the world turns the camera on herself and others to bring awareness to the plight of the defect’s victims. At the same time, her internationally renowned surgeon and his team are in an urgent fight to find a cure before he retires.


*Expected to complete principal photography in 2018

Check out our first teaser for MTSD above. The second teaser is on the homepage!

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