More Than Skin Deep Campaign

The goal of More Than Skin Deep is to raise awareness about AVM and its effects on the patients and families.


Donations may be made in HONOR or MEMORY of a loved one or family, or as a GENERAL donation to support the documentary.


For a limited time, any donors will also receive EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to view the short film "Ryan's Story" which premiered at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA.




















In "Ryan's Story," a 14-year-old boy with one of the rarest vascular defects in the world, tangled veins and arteries called Arteriovenous Malformation, struggles with self esteem and health challenges in middle school after surviving an aneurysm, hemorrhaging and over 40 facial procedures.







More Than Skin Deep is fiscal sponsorshed by the International Documentary Association (IDA). The IDA allows us to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations with their oversight, support and endorsement.