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Claes Jonasson


Claes brings with him over 35 years of media experience in the US and internationally.His passion is telling stories, finding stories, and through them conveying a message and making it come alive for the audience. He delights in finding new ways and new tools for telling stories that connect with today’s audiences."

Karl Heinz


Karl is originally from Haiti. His passion for entertainment was fostered by the time he spent in high school observing his uncle and cousin perform throughout Brooklyn on the underground Jamaican circuit. He was motivated to pursue photography, and that evolved into an interest in videography particularly in music video production. His drive was fueled further by serving as an extra for an HBO pilot series called Da Brick by director Spike Lee. He loves his work because it allows him to escape his present challenges and reality by using footage to replay visuals of events from the past.

Kyriaki Rossi



Kyriaki is an actor/writer/director/producer/

editor from the LA area. Before getting involved in the entertainment industry in production and performance, she was a news reporter and anchor for a local CBS station in Montana. She also worked as an entertainment reporter in the Bay Area before that. Kyriaki loves giving back and helping people. She hopes to one day be able to do that through her productions. 

Penny G.


Penny was born in Mexico City, though she spent her time between Mexico City and the U.S. She attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco and currently works as a freelance subtitler and for different film festivals. She has produced and directed a couple of music videos for local bands, and she hopes to keep working in all the different areas that film production has to offer. Her plans as a director are to continue making music videos. Her intention is to take the pairing of music and visuals to somewhere further than it has been previously explored.

Mia Malone


Mia is a native of Memphis, TN. She is a unique, family-oriented, and artistic kind of girl. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and minor in Communications. She wishes to purse her dream of becoming a designer by keeping the faith to get her Masters in Fine Arts. She enjoys doing a lot of freelance work such as paintings, designing logos and flyers, making birthday cards, magnets, and learning how to put together websites. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. where she dedicates her time and service to all mankind. Keeping God first is and will always be her motto for life.

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