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Leah Oviedo

Leah is an artist, author and activist in Southern California. Her background includes work with foster and homeless youth, domestic violence, sexual assault and environmental protection.

Indiegogo Contributors

Laura A. Jakubowski
Leah Oviedo
LaShawndra Nelson
Rhonda Wimberly
Richard Dubin
Shirley Chestnutt
Karen Demonbreum
Tracie Butler
Dale & Catherine McCollum
Jenna Moore
Debra Bein
Tim Taylor
Jay Grosflam
Brigid cahalan
Howard Pride
Elizabeth Sellers
Kara Greene
Maryann Muckenfuss
Trevy McDonald
Edward Bowser
Rocky Kimball
Gwen S. Stubbs
Sandra Jones
Connie Koh
Joan Rogers
Jacque Hayes-Fennell
Mable Owyoung

James Giese
Laura S. Lim
Charlotte Manley


Christopher Cha
Gloria Stiner
Barbara Harris Curtis
Gwendolyn Gray
Carlos E. Suggs
Veronica & Keith Strother
Earl Boston
Brenita Adams
Steve Saunders
Carlton Dyer
Michelle Gruel
Julie Staudenmier
Diane Miller
Holly Crocker
Charles Stanback
Mildred Lawhorn
pamela erwin-tijerina
Hollye  Shotwell
Larry C Chapman Sr.
Deena Boykin
FRED Forum
Carl and Stephanie Wagner
Eddie W. Gray, Jr.
Misty Rosser-White
Greg & Cheryl Newbern


Jean Bleich
Kelsey Gray
Karen Ward
Terre McGlothin
Jason Hamidi
Andy Robinson
Alice Cahn
Jaden Scanapico
James Williams
Rebeca Evantash
Curtis Cardoza
Queenie Byars
Peggy Baker
Lonnette Cole
Suzy Epley
Patrice Houston
Angela Green
Cheryl Crayton
Ginevra Anita Hightower
Michele Lombardo
Deb B
Janice Gray
The Conner Family
F. Dennis Kenny

Angela Mitchell
Deloris J Burrow
Melanie Gray

Sheryl Spence
Mindy Nguyen


(none anonymous contributors only)

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